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Among the activities of the Red-Berg there is also to evaluate and realize the revamping of machines and obsolete lines, intervening so as to optimize the recovery of the structures still valid.

Palletizer Robot

We recently completed the revamping of a 4-axis palletizing robot, replacing all the control (hardware and software) with new PLC and supervision panel.
Testing, well simulated ex-works, allowed the start the production in a very short time.

Palletizer video
Palletizer video
Internal panel Robot
Control console before revamping
Control console
before revamping
Control console after revamping
Control console
after revamping

HMI panels

Replacement of obsolete operator panels with HMI programs revamping, for the control of production lines of pasta, with recovery of the interface to existing PLC.

OP remake OP remake OP remake

SW update

SW updating on S7-300 for the control of the press in the rubber industry, due to the change of production cycles and the safety in production.