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Here below some of the several projects carried out in various industrial sectors.

  • Process automation for production lines for fruit juices and
    soft drinks.
  • Continuous automatic dosing of liquids and additives.
  • Regulation and control of physical / chemical process (pH, Brix, temperature, etc. ...).
  • Control system for dissolution of sugar plants.
  • Control systems for filling lines.
  • Selection systems based on weight (Checkweighers)

 FOOD see more
  • Weighing systems, control and supervision systems for silage materials.
  • Weighing systems for online monitoring yields and dosages.
  • Weighing and raw material for chocolate.
  • Dosing systems for production lines candies and chewing gum.
  • Automatic filling system.
  • Automatic control systems for industrial weighing and dosing processes
  • Formulation automatic production lines of pasta.
  • Metering and mixing systems for lines of roasting coffee.
  • Control systems on production lines made coffee

  • Complete control and monitoring of management and production lines for milling and yields.
  • Automatic control systems for production processes in animal feed in industrial business.
  • Proportional constant doses of flour and additives on the basis of chemical parameters (ash content, ...).
  • Weighing of bulk materials and cargo trucks.
  • Tape dispensers for the selection and seed disinfestation.
  • Dosing plant for premix and vitamin compounds.

 CHEMISTRY see more
  • Continuous dosing system for the production of detergents.
  • Control and supervision of process reactors.
  • Weighing and addressing raw materials.
  • Automatic dispensing micro additives.
  • Mixing and dosing system for fertilizer.

  • Automation salt compounds for PVC.
  • Preparation and continuous dosing of Silane on HDPE extrusion lines.
  • Control of the supply lines of solid and liquid for Banbury mixer at high speed.
  • Weighing and mixing polymers, additives and oils.
  • Automatic bagging systems.
  • Manual dosing additives controlled via computer.

 GOMMA & GLASS see more
  • Weighing and dosing materials loading furnaces.
  • Automation for curing ovens fiberglass.
  • Control system for tempering furnaces.
  • Doser continue to microdosing colored chips

  • Weighing and dosing materials loading furnaces.
  • Weighing and dosing of powders and liquids for preparing molds.
  • Weighing and dosing for foundry sands.
  • Control systems for galvanizing lines.
  • Automation systems in iron alloy

  • Automatic dosing and distribution of chemical additives.
  • Semiautomatic assay of fluid additive.
  • Dosing and mixing colors.

  • Control system for production lines mortars and plasters.
  • Control System for concrete mixing stations.
  • Process automation production lines for tiles and slabs.
  • Automation for cement storage silo.