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The Company

RED-Berg srl is a company with solid technological expertise gained in the development of industrial automation systems. The design of new solutions, the creation of custom automation systems, the attention given to industrial processes of production and, in particular, the process of weighing, batching and mixing together the study of specific customer needs, we put in a position to be highly competitive markets both national and foreign.
Our Technical Department has a long operational experience in the industry with design and applications of control systems for production processes and technology flows complete and sophisticated that require high reliability, accuracy and flexibility. Systems applied in every industry allow us to offer customers solutions for all kinds of problems we are facing, offering the ability and experience to develop and deliver the system "fair" for their specific needs.
Each sector has specific problems and every client has special needs that may emerge and become a challenge that we will be happy to address and resolve together with you in this way we want to demonstrate our ability to work with you and for you in different industrial sectors different solutions and systems.